Sunday, October 28, 2012

1st Post

I thought I should get a post on my blog.  It's appropriate that it should start in October when it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I have many thoughts and ideas on how I'd like to see this blog progress.  Right now I'm working on a project to help other women going through breast cancer.  I will post more on this when the time is right.  Just this past week I entered myself into a Sharpie markers contest.  I ran across a challenge to Ink It For Pink with Sharpie markers.  I used a pink Sharpie brush marker and a black Sharpie oil based medium paint pen.  I had fun creating this ribbon.  If you win you get $1000.00 worth of Sharpie products for your school.  I thought I'd give it a shot to see what happens.  How cool would that be!!  

To all women fighting the fight, who know someone who's going through it and to those who are in heaven watching over all of us - this ribbon is for you!

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